VARSITY A-LIST  are only available through sponsored teams, see your Social Secretary for more info.

There are a host of services offered exclusively for sponsored Varsity Teams during the term, which are arranged directly with A-List’s MD, Marc Rosenthal.

Each social secretary and president will have a document listing the benefits and details.  If your team is not listed above but you would like to have the opportunity for your squad to be allocated varsity A-List Cards, Call: 01202 576610 or Email:


BU Sports Teams Sponsored Are:


BU Football (Men and Women)

BU Hockey (Men and Women)

BU Basketball (Men and Women)

BU Rugby (Men and Women)

BU Netball (Women)

BU Equestrian

BU Cricket (Women)

BU Performing Arts

AUB Netball

BU Rock Climbing

BU Social Sketching


BU Squash

BU Volley Ball

BU Cricket

BU Lacrosse (Men and Women)

BU Falcons

BU Bobcats

BU Badmington

BU Rowing

BU Tennis (Men and Women)

BU Futsal

BU Dance

Enjoy looking through our galleries, showing Varsity events, exclusive only to teams who are sponsored by A-List.


A-List Varsity Wars 2017/18



A-List Varsity Wars 2016/17

A-List Varsity Christmas Meal 2016


A-List Varsity Wars 2015/16


A-List Varsity Christmas Meal 2015