(17th September 2018 - 14th September 2019)

A-List Card 18/19 will work for the whole of the student term and can be used as many times as you wish. Students will save ££££ and hours of time waiting in queues for night time events/parties.

Important info: A-List Card will operate during Freshers Week as well as the rest of the term. 90% of events in Bournemouth will incur long waiting times to enter the venue. A-List offers priority entry as well as large entry discounts on most circumstances and will reduce queuing times throughout the year massively.

All online purchases include a REWARD PACK as well as the card.



REWARD PACK 18/19 (Please note this is only available for cards purchased prior to September 2018 A-List Student launch date)


  • DOMINO'S PIZZA: 2 X Free Small Pizzas either Pepperoni or Margherita
  • ROOSTERS PIRI PIRI: 2 X Free Chicken Wings 2 X Free Chicken Strips
  • NATIV: Free Grilled Chicken, Rice and Salad
  • MEXIGO: Free 8-inch Burrito
  • MINT: Free 9 Minute Sunbed
  • WALKABOUT: Free Cocktail
  • BAR SO: Free Mojito
  • STREET EATS & COCKTAILS: Free NY Cheesecake Lollipop
  • FUN CENTRAL: Free 1 Hours Play on Arcade Games
  • GLAZED DOUGHNUTS: Free Luxury Doughnut
  • CAFE FRESCO: Free Chips with Cheese or Curry Sauce
  • SHARKEYS SPORTS BAR: Free 1 hour Pool Voucher
  • WISEGUYS: Free Phone Screen Protector Front and Back (for all phone types)
  • THE INFERNO: Free Voucher Pack for Food and Drink
  • THE GEORGE TAPPS: Free Pint Of Strongbow, Carlsberg or Glass of House Wine
  • CREAMS CAFE (Town Centre): Free Ice Cream Scoop
  • CHARCOAL CHICKEN COMPANY: Free Quarter Chicken
  • BUFFALO: Free House Double & Mixer
  • ANVIL: Free House Double & Mixer
  • O'NEILL'S: Free Corona (Bottle) or Small Glass of House Wine
  • PEPE'S WINTON: 4 X Free Chicken Wings




If your team is not in our sponsored list, but you would like to have the opportunity for your squad to be allocated varsity A-List Cards, Call: 01202 576610 or Email: info@alist-card.com.