About Centre VR

At Centre VR we offer the best in Virtual Reality. From the Vive Pro headset to the exclusive Tower Tag game, plus driving and flying simulators, and “Your Choice” where you can choose from over 80 top titles.

Tower Tag This exclusive to Centre VR in the UK. Up to 6 players battle it out in a giant futuristic arena, capturing and transiting between towers. Team based for up to two teams of 3.

Your Choice Our easy to use menu system allows you to preview and select any of the 80+ top titles, including Beat Saber, Google Earth, War Dust, Superhot, Arizona Sunshine, Brookhaven and Creed. Play one, or play as many as you like, in your chosen time. Multiplayer options are also available.

Driving Simulation: Our motion base provides the feedback and the Samsung Odyssey the high resolution images whilst you drive your chosen car on your selected track in Project Cars 2.


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