About Lambventure

Step into the world of Lambventure, where you and your team get to team up with a lost lamb in a mix of scavenger hunt and real-world adventure game. Explore the city’s most beautiful and historical areas, solving puzzles and riddles that will challenge your mind and lighten your mood. Follow along with our humor-packed story and discover the city in a whole new way, all while helping your new lamb friend find their way to freedom.


First of all you need to buy a game.

For that you need to select the city you wish to play in and pick your team size. Cities covered are: London, Southampton and Bournemouth 

To run the game or to buy it, you must log in. You can do that easily simply using your Google or Facebook account. You can also register yourself with an email and log in with that.

Logging in is important, because your game is connected to your profile.

After purchasing the game you will receive an email with the departing location of your game and a few more instructions.

You can start to play your game whenever you prefer within 1 year.

You just need to gather your team and go to the departing location.

Log in to with the email you used for the purchase, then after 3 seconds you will see the play button next to the lamb on the top.


Click on it and enjoy your game! :


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